Anti-Bribery 101


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Sometimes, even the most innocuous actions could be considered a bribe. Would you be able to spot a bribe if you were offered one? Can you take action to stop others participating in bribery?

Anti-Bribery 101 is for anyone looking for a clear, easy to understand, introduction to preventing bribery. It is part of Mind Tools' Compliance Suite, designed to help you do the right thing, every time.

By completing Anti-Bribery 101 you will be able to:

  • Articulate what a bribe is.
  • Explain the consequences of accepting a bribe.
  • Respond to situations where you might be involved in bribery, or where there is a risk of that perception.

This course takes up to an hour to complete and can be accessed on all devices. Our 8 quality-assured and legally reviewed compliance courses are designed for UK regions only.