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Have you ever sat in a brainstorming session, hoping that no one would notice that you weren’t contributing? Or perhaps you do join in reluctantly, but – deep down – you don’t believe that what you say will make a difference. If you’ve experienced situations like this, you’re not alone – many of us don’t see ourselves as creative. 

Boost your creative confidence, by downloading this Bite-Sized Scenario Training workbook. In it, you’ll learn three simple, but effective, techniques that will help boost your creative ability: 

  • Reverse Brainstorming: this technique gets you to consider you how to make the problem worse, instead of making it better. You then reverse your ideas to find potential solutions. 
  • Starbursting: with this you ask questions, and then use the answers to generate solutions. 
  • Brainwriting: here, you ask your team to write down creative solutions anonymously, which others can add to, before sharing and discussing them as a group.

16 Pages. 

This workbook is a downloadable product. 

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