Managing in a Hybrid World - Resource Bundle


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Managers play a vital role in the success of organizations, but they also face many challenges - especially in the virtual and hybrid working world. 

Our Managers Matter Bundle provides managers with five resources exploring the benefits and drawbacks of hybrid working, tips on how to set up a successful working environment and advice for those managing virtual and hybrid teams.

What's included in the Bundle:

  • Managing in a Hybrid Work Environment - Checklist
    Want to know our top tips for managing a hybrid team? This handy checklist is the ideal place to start.
  • Engaging Learners in the Reimagined Workplace - Infographic
    An infographic packed with vital insights about remote/hybrid working, selected from our latest Learner Intelligence Report.
  • Creating a Successful Hybrid Working Environment - Video
    Our exclusive new video explores 8 practical tips for you to use to set up a successful hybrid working environment.
  • How to Manage a Virtual Team - Interactive Workbook
    Learn how to communicate effectively, monitor performance, and celebrate your virtual team's successes with this 22-page workbook.
  • Top 10 Challenges of Managing a Virtual Team - Infographic
    This fun infographic will help you to visualize the factors you need to consider when leading a virtual team.

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