Decision-Making Mistakes Skillbook


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Bad decisions can lead to very bad outcomes. Because it’s impossible to be 100 percent sure that a decision is right until you actually see the outcome, it’s important to recognize your own fallibility in decision making – and to take steps to avoid as many mistakes as you can.

A decision can fail because you, or perhaps other people involved, have not considered all of the key factors as part of the decision-making process.

In this Skillbook, we introduce you to some of the decision-making trouble spots you may encounter. The more aware you are of these traps, the less likely you will be to fall into them. We then look at three decision-making scenarios, and examine why and how the people in them failed to make the right decision.

As you work through the Skillbook you’ll learn:

  • How to decide who to involve in your decision-making process.
  • Common decision-making pitfalls.
  • Specific strategies to avoid these pitfalls, and ways that you can challenge the validity of your decision making.

19 pages.

This workbook is a downloadable product. 

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