Finance Management Skillbook


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The world of finance can be a mysterious and complex one, particularly if you have little or no experience of it.

If you sometimes feel intimidated by financial reports filled with tightly packed rows of numbers and complex graphs, don’t worry – you’re not alone. In many organizations, managers outside the finance department don’t need to know every single fact and figure. However, a good, basic grasp of finance is important whatever your career, and when you make big life decisions, too.

Finance management is about much more than controlling the flow of money. A good understanding of what your finance team does, as well as the key reports they produce and what they can tell you, can help you to make better financial decisions that benefit both your team and your wider organization.

In this Skillbook, you’ll learn:

  • The basics of financial management and why it’s important to you and your organization.
  • More about the roles and responsibilities of your finance team.
  • Key financial terms and reports, why they’re important and how to use them.

32 pages.

This workbook is a downloadable product. 

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