How to Sell Your Idea Skillbook


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Your ability to sell an idea to your boss, co-workers or clients is critical to your success. If you can’t win their approval when it matters the most, you will likely come to a standstill in your career.

A good idea on its own is often not enough. You have to be able to make a connection with your audience and team members, to understand what they need and want, and to show how your idea can help them to achieve that.

In this Skillbook, we explore how you can show people what’s in it for them in a way that is clear, respectful and dignified. There will be no manipulation or tricks, just solid techniques that will help you to influence their decisions in your favor.

So, in around an hour, we look at:

  • Using the “Rhetorical Triangle” to craft credible messages.
  • Applying the “AIEDA” approach for maximum impact.
  • Telling stories to connect with your audience.

20 pages.

This workbook is a downloadable product. 

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