Keeping Your Skills Up To Date - Resource Bundle


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As a manager, you’re responsible for a lot, from keeping an eye on employee burnout, to getting projects over the line. And you’re not only responsible for the development of your team members, but for yourself as well.

It’s therefore crucial that you have the right skills to succeed, both personally and professionally. Our new Managers Matter Bundle provides you with five resources focused on keeping your skills up to date.

What's included in the Bundle:

  • Skills You Need to Be a Successful Manager - Checklist
    Want to know the skills you need to be a successful manager? This handy checklist is the ideal place to start.
  • Understanding Team Roles and Behaviors - Skillbook
    In order to manage more effectively, you need to understand how your team members think and behave. Use this Skillbook to analyze your teams’ strengths and weaknesses and create a more balanced team.
  • Why Develop Managers to Be Coaches? - Guide
    Why are coaching skills so important when it comes to managing teams? Discover new insights on performance management pulled from our 2022 Annual Benchmark report.
  • How Good Is Your Time Management? - Quiz
    This self-test quiz will identify the aspects of time management that you need the most help with, and the specific tools that will help you to work more efficiently.
  • Delegation - Worksheet
    As a manager, you have a lot on your plate, but you can’t do it all. This delegation worksheet will help you to identify the tasks you need to delegate, and who you plan to delegate them to.

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