Marketing Essentials Skillbook


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Marketing can have a huge impact on the success of a product or service. For example, Coca-Cola is just a dark brown, sugary soft drink, yet it’s also one of the most well-known and widely sold beverages in the world. The success of its marketing campaigns is beyond dispute.

In this Skillbook, we explore how you can follow some basic principles to market your product or service effectively and successfully.

In around one hour, you’ll:
  • Find out how to use USP Analysis to understand what your customers value the most about your product or service.
  • Learn where your product is in its life cycle, so that you can better understand the type of marketing that will be the most effective.
  • Use market segmentation to narrow down your target market, and to ensure that you send the right messages to the right people.
  • Discover how to bring your findings together, and apply the Marketing Mix and the 4Ps of Marketing – product, place, price, and promotion – to develop a successful marketing strategy

18 pages.E-book

This workbook is a downloadable product. 

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