Planning Small Projects Skillbook


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Most people have a healthy respect for large or “flagship” projects, and for the planning that’s required to make them a success. But we often overlook the importance of small projects, which can be just as critical to the smooth running of your organization. The scale may be different, and the process less complex, but the key principles of planning are the same.

It can be tempting to skip the planning phase of small projects, particularly when you’re already familiar with the work involved. But this can be a big mistake. If you don’t plan your small project thoroughly, you might overlook critical steps, miss deadlines, or make costly errors.

In this Skillbook we explore a set of simple planning tools that you can use to deliver small projects effectively. You’ll learn how to:

  • Use an Action Plan to identify essential tasks.
  • Create a Work Breakdown Structure to break actions down into manageable chunks.
  • Draft a simple Gantt Chart to schedule events and create a project timeline.

17 pages.

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