Problem Solving Skillbook


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Problems usually make themselves well known. Solutions, on the other hand, can be much harder to find.

This is because problems often have more than one cause, and some of these causes – sometimes the most important ones – may not be obvious. This can make it a challenge to identify the best way to solve your problem.

When you have a complex problem, it can be tempting to choose the first solution that comes to mind, or the one that’s easiest to implement. However, when you do this, you’re unlikely to address the problem’s underlying causes. If you don’t understand the issue fully, you may just end up with a temporary fix. This means that the problem festers and becomes bigger.

This Skillbook gives you the tools that you need to avoid these issues, and to solve your problem thoroughly and completely the first time around.

13 pages.

This workbook is a downloadable product. 

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